Thursday, September 22, 2011

At peace with the world

 I love being a soulful hippie, a partial goth, sometimes a huge anime and manga otaku, tribal woman from the north east, orient lover, crafty DIY person, Fashionista, Mystic gypsy woman.... soooo much more.

It's funny that I thought that I could describe myself and write down all the ingredients that make me But it's a tough. So I guess it it will anyway be more fun if you discover one picture at a time.

Posted two of my favorite illustrations.. I guess they are my favorite as I have pleasant memories of them and  as I was under the influence of some natural herbs..what came out on paper seems to be truly what I felt in my heart.

I remember them well..The first one - somehow even at a room  filled with people screaming, dancing and getting high, I felt really calm, I had sat under this bamboo lamp and sketched away oblivious to  the world.

The second one was made in the realm of Pushkar...somehow everytime I have visited there, the place exudes a strong spirituality which I don't know if other people experience.. I guess they do... as it is believed to be the creation point of the 'Bhramand'

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