Saturday, July 19, 2014

Part 3- SUBAQUEOUS, 6 Assagao- Canopies for Gunpowder Goa- 2012/2013


subaqueous- existing, formed, or taking place under water looked like this...
Monsoons in Goa are really heavy...
so every season the canopies have to be taken off and put back again... with refurbishing :)
It was a beautiful experience..

Part 2- MOVEMENT, 6 Assagao- Canopies for Gunpowder Goa- 2012/2013

Split bamboo frame- developed by Rajiv Gautam and Sushant
Frame covered with strips of waste fabrics
Fishing net stretched out and stitched over the frame
Creating elements and colours in fabrics...attaching them onto the fishing net- loads of people... Ranjita, Munni, Chhaya, Janisa, Ronjit and Gunpowder kitchen staff
Tied on to trees using bamboos and wire.
Net tensile structure made and elements attached.
Wire work done and lampshades using waste fabrics made

The energy and the love was immense!!!! So fun!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Part 1- ELEMENTS, 6 Assagao- Canopies for Gunpowder Goa- 2012/2013

I looked to the sea for inspiration

Soon enough there was a gathering of people .from far and near.
They came to share their passions, talents, interests and life's stories.
Together they created magic!!!
It's sooo fun when you work with your hands and your hearts!!!