Friday, September 12, 2014

Grey Days

Was just tripping on a sketch pen with this beautiful grey colour.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dreamy flowers- drawing inks

Many changes
Intense and strong
Focus only
On creating thunderstorms

A spell that drains
Uses up, lightning rods
In despair
Collect dark clouds

Spaces filled
Seams ready to split
Those heavy black clouds
Vent the water out

And that's what it did
Made a cry and gave a shout
And rained it's guts out
Then finally
It turned fully, inside out

just wrote that..almost sounds like nursery rhyme!
I have always been inspired by water colouring techniques and always wanted to try it out. I used drawing inks in this one.
I loved creating the dreaminess and softness with water and layers and layers of colour..
Will definitely do another one soon.

Inspired by scientic drawings

I made this in 2012 ...wanted to do a screen print of it using natural dyes. But it worked out as a gift for my friend Bini. But I do intend to use this in my work someday.
It is made on Brown paper..the kind you use for thinner paper bags, OHP markers, Vellum, Dry pastels, Wax colours, and a coat of coffee and tea over the brown paper.
The vellum is used to create textures and a 3d look. they have been cut then drawn and coloured on separately, then pasted in layers.
Was super fun to make!!!