Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For people I love

I somehow started giving people some of my sketches whenever I visit..or just coz they are soooo sweet and caring...
It's fun to leave behind a piece of you...
For Mansi, Delhi

For Anupam, Baroda

For Ujji and Kareena, Baroda

There's something about walls

I have a sudden rush of adrenaline when I paint walls..the mediums vary from permanent markers to photo inks, crayons, fabric paint to anything and everything that is lying around the house.
I have been lucky with landlords who have let me decorate their walls... but there is one feeling I loathe the  most.... leaving them behind..sometimes I wish I could break that section of the wall and take it away with me. I decide everytime that I will paint on something I can carry.. but eventually I end up painting on the walls...I feel like they were meant to be there...kind of like the feel and spirit of the house... here's to more paintings on the walls...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Line track mind!!!

Boredom and lines sometimes help create beautiful things.... I cant believe that I actually made this many hours I seriously don't know!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Massive Attack -Protection

The sketch was inspired by the song.... the video is awesome too. Directed by Michel Gondry...the entire set of the building for this video was made horizontal and all the actors were lying down....
I was super vulnerable when I sketched this one....just needed some protection....

Wing obsession

My fascination for wings began after grade 12.
I started sketching wings...makes me feel free and independent (cliche..i know but it's true!!!!)
I even got wings tattoed (will put pics someday)
These are a few of my early wing obsession sketches. 

Phool Patti

'Phool Patti' is something that I picked up while I was in college. We had these design drawing classes.. and at some point we were left in the greenery to draw Phool Pattis. And so it stuck...
Some of them are drawn, some actually stuck on and one of them is Brocade from Kalimpong.

Cherry blossom girl

Speaking of happiness!!!! This is happiness manifested...for no apparent reason. :)
(made on handmade paper using OHP marker)

And there was hair......


Illustrations of hair....some of them as old as 2001.
What can I say!!! I love drawing lines, women and hair :p

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Demon days!!!

These are some illustrations from some darker days of mine.

The first one has the silhouette of a strange lonely looking tree that I could see from my window. Somehow the tree seemed so isolated and eerie I felt I had to draw it's shape...soon after there was a storm and the tree lost it's branches. I moved from that house soon after and never saw that tree ever again.       
The second one was of a time I was underground and isolated...I have a mirror shaped like that.. I imagined that the whole world was stuck behind the mirror and that it was the only window to the world. Sounds strange now that I think about it...It did not seem so strange then. It was a weird phase of my life...glad I'm over with it now. People need alone time to figure and sort themselves. Too long a period of isolation can be really bad for you though! 

 The last one was of a nightmare I saw....It began with me waking up in my room and seeing someone sitting by my side. The room had a Zero Watt red bulb lit (creepy!!! don't know why I had that colour light)
In the red room the man had bent his head in such a way that I could see the silhouette of is head just a little and more of his shoulder blades. He was bald, with broad shoulders and a strong body. I tapped him on the back only to find within seconds that he was on top of me. I could feel his knees on my chest pressing me down.
 I swayed my hand over his face to feel nothing but air. Every time he swayed his head I saw in motion blur..five different faces..I distinctly remember one of a little girl, one of an old woman...the others I don't remember clearly now.
I am not a religious person..a spiritual one though..but at that moment I prayed so hard..within seconds....what felt like hours the man turned into a moving smoke and vanished into the corner of the room.
That's when I woke up and felt scared to death.
I could not sleep all night...sketched this days later. I wish I had better drawing skills..But I remember the nightmare..none the less. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's ThAT state of mind. Need I say anymore?

Costumes to be somebody else

Was just thinking of some wearable costumes for theatre. When I sketched them I could already see fabrics and construction *** it's a professional hazzard*** But I would love to someday make costumes- for people, dolls, wear.. to sell.
I do make dolls..I guess I can start there.                                                            
I can see blogging about what you have already done makes you think about more things that you want to do. YAY!!!!!

Monsters ball

This happened long long time ago..I am posting all my work very randomly..there is no time pattern that I'm following...I definitely feel these are very naive. But it did come out of my head at some point. I love monsters to this day.
Maybe I should see what my monster would look like in today's date!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Glimpses of me

It is only natural that whenever I sketch women they often have hairstyles and accessories that would be the look that I would like to have or would be wearing at that point of my life . This is Bohemian me...curly hair (permed) big handmade loop earrings. I dressed like my sketch after I drew this. (I think this was more than 3 yrs ago.)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Not who I am

I always felt some how that I'm a complex creature and it drove me to sketch this out. but as I grow older I realize, I have always been a hybrid of many things but never a complicated person.

Elements of Tibetan Buddhism

The Black Hat Dancer

You will always see some or the elements of Buddhism in my work. Tibetan Buddhism really fascinates me and it's style colours and darkness draws me more and more to it. I have some sketches of Buddhist masks lying somewhere..will scan them soon. 
I don't really know when my love for Tibetan Buddhism began. I think I'm more inclined to the Bhutanese version of it...somehow it's darker. I went for my craft training to Bhutan to learn the art of Thangka embroidery and then I also did my Craft documentation in Trongsa Monastery, Kalimpong. I documented some of the stories and dance costumes of Tibetan Buddhism. (will upload my craft documentation soon too).

It's amazing how a religion could travel from one place to another and come out as such a beautiful hybrid. This version of Buddhism traveled from India to Tibet and mixed with the aboriginal Bon religion and looks like what we see today (

Blow Pen Dreams

These were accidental illustrations that were triggered by my little brother's collection of Blow Pens(which I conveniently captured later).
It was a really fun medium and I have been wanting to do more sketches with them. I really think all artists should try these pens!!!! Definitely recommended!!