Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In another dream

This is based on another dream that I saw...
I was always afraid to sketch out my dreams before....scared that I will not be able to capture the dream in it's most accurate feel and visual feel..also whether I had the skills to draw something so complex.
But on my boyfriend insisting I tried the Dreamscapes and Dragons and then this one. It is visually not exactly what I saw but it sums up most of it and definately have managed to capture the feel. So I think this is something I will be doing regularly! :)
This was a long dream..I have this urge to draw it as a narrative...I just might :P

Dreamscapes and Dragons

Based on a dream I saw...
My father used to tell me that in Lepcha a dragon is called Gadang the sound of thunder!!!
So this is my version of Gadang Gudung.


Goddess of the forest
This is once again an extension for my love of nature, Goddesses and head gears.
Orange handmade paper, Printed Japanese paper, Vellum, Markers and Pastels.


Random sketches done on orange handmade paper...starting to sketch again...thats always a good thing!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

She breathes...

 I have always loved making dolls as a kid...I started out with doll heads..with woolen hair.
This is my third attempt at making a doll. Sculpting fabric is always fun...this is just an extension of that. The last pic is that of a friend helping to figure out the scale of the doll. Figuring packaging and a hand painted story book to accompany the doll. I intend to make many many many dolls in my life!!!