Sunday, October 2, 2011

Elements of Tibetan Buddhism

The Black Hat Dancer

You will always see some or the elements of Buddhism in my work. Tibetan Buddhism really fascinates me and it's style colours and darkness draws me more and more to it. I have some sketches of Buddhist masks lying somewhere..will scan them soon. 
I don't really know when my love for Tibetan Buddhism began. I think I'm more inclined to the Bhutanese version of it...somehow it's darker. I went for my craft training to Bhutan to learn the art of Thangka embroidery and then I also did my Craft documentation in Trongsa Monastery, Kalimpong. I documented some of the stories and dance costumes of Tibetan Buddhism. (will upload my craft documentation soon too).

It's amazing how a religion could travel from one place to another and come out as such a beautiful hybrid. This version of Buddhism traveled from India to Tibet and mixed with the aboriginal Bon religion and looks like what we see today (

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