Sunday, October 9, 2011

Demon days!!!

These are some illustrations from some darker days of mine.

The first one has the silhouette of a strange lonely looking tree that I could see from my window. Somehow the tree seemed so isolated and eerie I felt I had to draw it's shape...soon after there was a storm and the tree lost it's branches. I moved from that house soon after and never saw that tree ever again.       
The second one was of a time I was underground and isolated...I have a mirror shaped like that.. I imagined that the whole world was stuck behind the mirror and that it was the only window to the world. Sounds strange now that I think about it...It did not seem so strange then. It was a weird phase of my life...glad I'm over with it now. People need alone time to figure and sort themselves. Too long a period of isolation can be really bad for you though! 

 The last one was of a nightmare I saw....It began with me waking up in my room and seeing someone sitting by my side. The room had a Zero Watt red bulb lit (creepy!!! don't know why I had that colour light)
In the red room the man had bent his head in such a way that I could see the silhouette of is head just a little and more of his shoulder blades. He was bald, with broad shoulders and a strong body. I tapped him on the back only to find within seconds that he was on top of me. I could feel his knees on my chest pressing me down.
 I swayed my hand over his face to feel nothing but air. Every time he swayed his head I saw in motion blur..five different faces..I distinctly remember one of a little girl, one of an old woman...the others I don't remember clearly now.
I am not a religious person..a spiritual one though..but at that moment I prayed so hard..within seconds....what felt like hours the man turned into a moving smoke and vanished into the corner of the room.
That's when I woke up and felt scared to death.
I could not sleep all night...sketched this days later. I wish I had better drawing skills..But I remember the nightmare..none the less. 

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