Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Forest Spirits...more mask love

This was a shoot done while I was working with People Tree.
The masks in the photographs are actually wall mounted lamps made of split bamboo and wire frames. Branches in metal wire and the leaves are made of fused fabric and paper. All fully handmade by various craftspeople. The frame concept was Rajiv Gautam's who is a master at structures. The rest was made in collaboration with various local artists.

The photographs have been taken by the Rupert Lorhaldar
I am totally in love with is work and his energy.
He taught us how to make a camera flash light using a cardboard box, butter paper and a torch light!!!
So Fun!!!!
Beautiful multiple exposures and lighting create a warm mystical feel and make us look like magical creatures :)

Meher a dear friend and I modelled for this impromptu shoot...                  being part of the shoot for styling and posing was super fun too...

I had a translucent rust coloured fabric veil over my face and the mask over that.
Some how once I wore the mask my body began to move on its own..was a wonderful feeling ...very fluid
and through the mask and the veil,
what the world looks like is also really different.

I guess all masks have energies that they transfer to you...
I have seen peoples energies and body language change on wearing different masks... (I should read up more about this)

my love of masks
will never stop 

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